Blog-tember Day 8 | Favourite Season

7:58 PM

Today's blog-tember challenge question is: Tell us about your favourite season. Why is it your favourite season and what does it say about you?

My favourite season, if you couldn't tell already, is Spring.

I love Spring. I've always loved Spring.

Here in Australia - and in particular, Melbourne - we're just coming out of Winter, and it's still a bit wet and cool and miserable... until you get those gorgeous moments of a slightly warmer breeze, or the sun finally peeking through the clouds. 

Spring mornings are my absolutely favourite. Warmer breezes that aren't too hot. Blue skies ands clouds and flowers starting to bloom. It's just gorgeous.

(I also have my birthday in September. But I swear that's not the reason!)

I am not an extreme temperature fan. I actually do not like Australian Summer. It's way too hot for me. I don't cope at all. Winter is a bit better - I like dressing in layers and feeling warm and cozy. Autumn is cool, too, but Spring is definitely the winner.

It's the perfect combination of all the above, which probably sums me up pretty well. I like a bit of this and bit of that and I like to think I'm pretty laid back, too. Casual. Easy to get along with.

Just like Spring.

(Except for the hay fever... that part I don't like so much!)

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Until tomorrow, friends!

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  1. Spring in Wisconsin is usually full of mud and dirty snow, but I LOVE when a nice day pops in. It makes me feel so happy to have the sun on my face for the first time in a long time!

  2. It always takes me a minute to realize that you are about the exact opposite of us here in California so when you say that September is spring it throws me. I think that spring fits you with all your pinks! Thanks for sharing!