Plan With Me | Rainy Days

11:30 AM

This week's layout has to be one of my favourite layouts so far this year. My favourite season is Spring, followed closely by Winter because although Winter is a wet and rainy, I find there's just something calming about cloudy, cool days. 

(Also, I live in Australia and rain means we're less likely to be in a drought, so bring on the rain, I say!)

This super cute theme was inspired by a set of stickers by Violet LeBeaux. Check out all the links below - where I can, I try to include links to all the products and washi tapes, but occasionally I can't find all of them - as well as the process video and close up photos.

As always, I love to hear from you guys - what are YOUR favourite seasons and why? What's your planner theme for this week? If my process video inspires you, I'd love a thumbs up and don't forget to let me know if there are themes or colour schemes you'd like to see me include. I'm always up for a challenge!

Washi: Thin Blue & Pink | Clouds | Raindrops | Blue starburst pattern | Thin Chevrons

Until next time planner friends, have a fabulous day wherever you are in the world! xx

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