July Book Wrap Up

5:30 AM

In July I read a whopping 25 books

Now, some of them were quite short, but even still, that number completely shocked me when I finally counted up the total number. To be real, I was on holidays for a good chunk of the start of July and I was reading at least a book a day (or more) and I just found myself in a ready groove with lots of books that I was completely interested in reading.

I credit some of this enthusiasm to the discovery of BookTube, too, because a lot of the books I read were on the recommendation of Booktubers.

Because I read so many books I did split my July Wrap Up videos into two parts - one for standalone or single books in a series that I read and one for books where I read multiple books in a series. If you're interested in checking out the videos I've embedded the videos below.

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