Plan With Me | Captain America

9:06 AM

I am a massive comic-book fan. I don't get to read them as much now as I used to, but I do enjoy picking them up every now and then, and I definitely love watching the various Marvel and DC films that are released each year.

I will admit that at first, Captain America was a very 'meh' character for me until the MCU films. Now I quite enjoy the character and the character arc he's gone through in the series. (It also probably doesn't hurt that he's played by Chris Evans, either!) Still, I think he's had the most fascinating set of stories of any of the characters so far and I've been itching to have a Captain America layout.

So here it is!

the Noveltea Corner 18-month inserts | Made by Elissa's Superhero stickers
Image Credits: One | Two

How have you decorated your planner this week? Don't forget to leave a comment with a link showing me your planner creativity below!

Until next time, happy planning!


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