Current TBR

books on my tbr.

Ahern, Cecelia - Perfect
Arnhem, Stefan - Eighteen Below

Bates, Callie - The Waking Lands
Black, Cally - In the Dark Spaces
Bowman, Erin - Vengeance Road
Brewing, Emily - Hello, Goodbye
Brown, Pierce - Red Rising
Burke, J.C. - The Things We Promise

Caddy, Meg - Waer
Carland, Susan - Fighting Hislam
Carmody, Isobelle - Metro Winds
Charbonneau, Joelle - Dividing Eden
Christian, Claire - Beautiful Mess
Choo, Yangsze - The Ghost Bride
Cluess, Jessica - A Shadow Bright and Burning
Cogman, Genevieve - The Burning Page
Corey, James S.A. - Caliban's War
Crowley, Cath - Grafitti Moon
Crowley, Cath (and others) - Take Three Girls

Dawson, Delilah - Star Wars Phasma
Dietrich, Cale - The Love Interest
Divaroren, Demet - Living on Hope Street

Faye, Lindsay - Jane Steel
Foody, Amanda - Daughter of the Burning City
French, Jackie - Facing the Flame

Eager, Kirsty - Summer Skin
Edeson, Robert - Bad to Worse

Gaiman, Neil - Norse Mythology
Golden, Christie - Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno
Graudin, Ryan - Invictus

Haddon, Mark - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Hearn, Kevin - Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi
Henry, Christina - Alice
Hocking, Amanda - Freeks
Houck, Colleen - Reawakened

James, Lauren - The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
Janu, Penelope - In at the Deep End
Jones, S. Jae - Wintersong
Jones, Tony - The Twentieth Man
Jordan, Doug - Maxim

Keil, Melissa - Life in Outer Space
Kepnes, Caroline - You
Kessler, Liz - Read Me Like a Book
King, A.S. - Ask the Passengers
King, A.S. - Glory O'Brien's History of the Future
Kostakis, Will - The Sidekicks

Ladd, Kylie - The Way Back
Landy, Derek - Skulduggery Pleasant Resurrection
Lu, Marie - The Young Elites

Mack, Louise - Teens
Mak, Wendy - The Capsule Wardrobe
Mayhew, Julie - Mother Tongue
McAlister, Jodi - Valentine
Mieville, China - This Census Taker

Ness, Patrick - The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Neural, Sylvain - Sleeping Giants
Newman, Emma - Between Two Thorns

O'Donnell, Kate - Untidy Towns
Orr, Wendy - Dragonfly Song

Paris, B.A. - The Breakdown
Pentland, Louise - Wilde Like Me
Pessl, Marisha - Night Film

Revis, Beth - Star Wars Rebel Rising
Rodda, Emily - The Shop at Hooper's Bed
Roe, Robin - A List of Cages

Schwab, V.E. - Vicious
Shannon, Samantha - The Bone Season
Shannon, Samantha - The Mime Order
Skye, Evelyn - The Crown's Fate
Singh, Nalini - Archangel's Heart
Spooner, Meghan - Hunted
Spotswood, Jessica - A Tyranny of Petticoats

Tozer, Gabrielle - Remind Me How This Ends

Vallance, Jess - The Yellow Room

Wendig, Chuck - Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End
Westerfeld, Scott (and others) - Zeroes
Weston, Paula - The Undercurrent
Whaley, John Corey - Highly Illogical Behaviour
Wilkinson, Lili - The Boundless Sublime
Woolley, Justin - A Town Called Dust
Woolley, Justin - A City Called Smoke
Woolley, Justin - A World of Ash

Zappia, Francesa - Eliza and Her Monsters