Plan With Me | December Owls

8:34 AM

Hello again, friends!

I'm back with another plan with me video for the upcoming week. For the whole month of December I have Christmas-themed pages (because who can resist the very cute stickers out there, right?).

This week is the least 'traditional' Christmas-themed - mostly because of the pastel colours - and I love it. Pink is definitely my colour, so this makes me happy.

The owls definitely make me happy, too.

So, let's get on with a supply list, and then scroll down below for this week's video and close-up photos. As always, leave any questions or comments below - I love hearing from you guys!

Happy planning!

Supply List
Pastel Pink Washi | Pastel Purple Washi (this is not the exact one, but it is similar)

** Some of the links lead directly to store websites either because products are old/out of stock.

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