Unboxing | Goodie Box

1:26 PM

Last weekend I went to Markit@Fed Square and discovered a new (to me) store, Blank Goods.

They have all sorts of great, fun crafting supplies like boxes, bags, washi tape, string, wooden beads, DIY bunting, etc. Everything you need to get started with crafting and decorating and sending your gifts with a bit of handmade love. Best of all, they're local!

They also have a monthly subscription box called the Goodie Box, which is a themed box of crafting goodies. While I was there, I bought a one-off box, with the theme 'Naturally.' Each box is $40 for a one off box, or you can purchase a three- or six-month subscription on their website.

Each box comes with an assortment of crafting goodies (as seen in the video below) as well as a lot of inspiration!

Check out my unboxing below, and the close-up photos at the end of the post.

Leave any questions or comments below!

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